Thursday, September 19, 2013



When you join Empower, you don't just get to
 earn 100% commissions!

You get to meet and join the most down to earth, non-judgemental, without prejudice family of well over 120 thousand members.

We have Christian's, We have Mormons, Buddhists, and all other religions. We have every race, creed and colour you can imagine.

Empower Network, encourages everyone to be themselves and be successful at the same time! "Without prejudice!"

We even have some off the wall ones.  {I'm one of those lol}
We have leaders who like to talk about shape shifting lizards and even Hippy's who see UFO's

I'm learned enough to know if one can conceive and believe it to be, so it is!   
Stephen Hawkins said "Whatever you can imagine, is out there in our Universe. Therefore, if we believe, it becomes! We are only limited by our beliefs and our imaginations!"
I have one that will  cause you to


I have my found an  Arch Alien, he only shows up on the tops of trees 160' or more and in the Arch formation!
 Could he be    Treemancloud?  or is he just another Alien, hanging round? You be the judge?

Take-A=Walk=On-The-Wild-Side!-with-Empower Network;

 by joining through   When you join with us we provide you with your very own web designer at a reasonable price.

"Festina Lenta!"= "Make haste with awareness!"

Gia-Dawn {pen name}=gia777gia=Gina Laing  or        


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