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A must see! The Empower Network/Prosperity Team women’s lounge!

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Another inspirational Sunday night women’s lounge, these gals are so upbeat not even a power outage can put a dent in them!
The very dynamic, Lisa Torres, poses the question “What creates success? she
discourses on the science of Internet Marketing. Clarifying the importance of doing
the homework, following the training in the back office at Empower Network. From
the  8 core modules through the higher levels.
Lisa elaborates on the importance of staying focused plugging into the training, l
earning the skills,knowing the products, and applying what they learn until they get
it right!stressing how “you gotta decide to make it work!
she orates powerful quotes from Deepak ” If you obsess over whether you are making the right decision….” the rat of this quote is in “The book of secrets”
Jessica is very moving and passionate as she speaks on decision making.
Getting in touch with your own intuition,
following your heart to trust and believe in yourself.
Leaving a coveted position for lack of congruency.
She decided then that she would not work for someone else besides herself.
She elaborates on how our emotions align oneself,
providing congruency and making the choice to believe in yourself!
Gotta Love that Anna Levina-Zubarev,
Anna is such a pistol, “I am what I am, take it or leave it!”
I Love women with enough moxy to call a spade a spade.
The Zubarev’s, “Real people, making real money!”
Regina Floyd speaks out about the importance of getting to the events and how so many breakthrough there and loosens the struggle!
the  wise Sage, Ms. Torres closes with . “If your struggling in your business,
you are here watching this because the Universe has allowed it!”
A must see! The Empower Network/Prosperity Team women’s lounge!

The Ladies give two thumbs up to the Luxury of working online from home.
“Festina Lenta”=”Make haste with awareness!”
A must see! The Empower Network/Prosperity Team women’s lounge!

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