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Introducing Empower  Networks new viral blogging platform. ENV2

Empower network, has invested millions of dollars and a years worth of tech  savvy. to create this phenomenal new viral blogging platform. In this new platform everything is
integrated. You have the option to post publicly or privately. I.e. one can publish their posts to the World Wide Web, as well as having the option to post privately to ones sponsor and downline.


There are built-in SEO options, and multiple tags. A shared activity feed, that will instruct new members to upgrade, to the inner circle etc.


Also integrated is three click video publishing, with easy edit to change out banners and static pages. And a bad ass button. That you can bad ass as many times as you like.  Empower Network’s motto is
“Be yourself and be successful!”


Fully functional apps for your iPhone so that all your products are accessible from your phone and you can even manage your back office from your phone.

But wait there’s more!

ENV2  intends to be multilingual and global. There is a new customers support office being developed in Costa Rica, where support workers will be those who can speak both Spanish and English.

“Festina Lenta!” = “Make haste with awareness!”
gia777gia=Gina Laing              
PS   ENV2-But-Wait-There’s-More!  If you like this content please like and share. and be certain to watch the free video!
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