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What is all the cyber-space Kerfuffel about the THE BEAST by Empower Network.

Over a year of ingenuity, and a paltry $3 million dollars investment.
Empower Network introduced the launch of ENV2, aka The Beast.
“Get your Beast on!” is the current catchphrase in cyber-space!
THE BEAST, is user-friendly, facilitating the capacity to operate all of your blogs from one platform which is also optimized so that loading is faster.
THE BEAST features a Mobile App which blazes the trail in cyber-space with literally a three step process that one can run their back office, domains, and yes even blog from their smart-phone!

THE BEAST facilitates Audio andVideo Blogging straight up from your phone!
Members can also share and post content from all blogs in the network. The original author still gets credit, so now sharing is granny proof.
Creating great content is also easy but will require the user to finish a call to action and the upgrade of their accounts to review and badass the button as often as you please.
THE BEAST and Empower network….
Hosting one of the largest blogging communities, and publishing platforms online.
Empower Network hosts several modules in self-development and leadership, to training and services in contemporary online marketing.
Empower Network also hosts an affiliate program in which members can earn 100 % commissions from the sales of Empower Network training modules and products.
THE BEAST is coming and it’s going to be a cyber-space Gold-rush! So, you should get on board now to promote your small business and or your website. Especially if you want to rank upfront, on Google and other search engines. Click on the picture below and enter your best email. Don’t get left behind,
“Festina Lenta!” = “Make haste with awareness!”
Gina Laing =gia777gia
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About The Author: 

I'm a Canadian mountain girl who wears Harley Davidson boots, with her jeans tucked inside. My daughter always says "Mum where is the flood? "and, "Mum untuck your jeans from those stupid boots, you look like a farm girl!" I said "Honey, I am a farm girl" lol I love to write poetry down by the river, with my dogs beside me, I also advocate for persons with brain and head injuries which I find rewarding.. I love to learn new things and meet new people, it's a great way to expand ones horizons. This Queen/s copyrighted poem of mine entitled I remember,, pretty much tells my whole story:: - I REMEMBER I remember cinnamon and nutmeg, thickening the air, Flying saucers, made of Corning ware, Scrawny screaming Mama's, dashing here to there,, Chubby consoling Auntie's over dresssed with flare Turbine building Daddy's polished to a glare, Wet backed horses, no one else would dare, To mount to ride to chase down the bear, On my quarter horse of grand confirmaion, I was ten feet tall and could not be taken! No return, no surrender! Gia Dawn

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